8 Ways to Find a Discount Rental Car

If you need to rent a car, follow these eight tips to make sure you are getting a great deal:

1. Pick the right size of car.

If you only have a family of three, you don’t need to rent a full sized SUV. Larger cars are more expensive to rent. Rent the smallest sized car that you can get away with.

2. Pick the right type of car.
Although many people look at renting a car as an opportunity to get a luxury vehicle, the budget savvy traveler will choose more carefully. Just like when it comes to purchasing a car, renting a luxury car is more expensive than renting an economy car. And you’ll pay through the nose if you decide to rent a sports car! Stick with a basic car and save money.

3. Think about renting a car for a whole week.

By doing a cost comparison of rental rates, you may find that renting a car for an entire week is a better option that renting for just four to five days. Compare the daily rental rate to the weekly rate. The weekly rate might be a better deal. Double check the company’s policy for turning in the car early, just in case you need to do so.

4. Comparison shop.
If you have a choice of car rental companies, make sure to shop around. Ask each car insurance company for a quote and get the best deal on the type of car that is most appropriate for you. You can also search prices online through travel sites and be on the lookout for travel coupons specific to your destination. Sometimes, you will find the cheapest prices directly at the rental company’s website. Look for online car rental coupons at secondary sites that will save you even more.

5. Look for package deals.

If you are renting a car for your vacation, you may save money if you book your flight, hotel and car rental all at the same time. But don’t assume that a package deal will equal a better rate. Do the math to make sure that you’ll be saving.

6. Talk with your car insurance company.
Your regular car insurance company may offer discounts on car rentals. In addition, they may also insure you while you are driving a rental car. Read your policy carefully or call your car insurance provider to make sure that you’ll be covered while you have a rental car. If you are, this means that you won’t have to buy the daily insurance from the car rental company, which can save you a lot of money.

7. Look at your credit card benefits.

Most people don’t realize that a lot of credit cards come with car rental benefits. You can receive discounts on car rentals or rental car insurance through your credit card. Call your credit card company to find out your benefits regarding renting a car.

8. Try to find discounts through other memberships.
Several other membership groups offer discounts on car rentals. If you are a member in any type of large group or club, check to see if you have any rental car benefits. Check out your local entertainment book coupons as well.

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