Australia Always a Good Season to Visit

Time your visit right to Australia and check out Australia’s holiday calendar. Most families will take their main vacation from Christmas for 3 or 4 weeks. Much of the southren coast is booked solid and you won’t find a camping spot never mind a room. Some of Australia’s public holidays calendar vary by state

Ironically the most settled weather in southern Australian states Victoria and Tasmania is actually later in February. In contrast the peak holiday period for far northern Australia is the dry season which starts in May and runs through to October. Its worth checking out the 2009 Australia holiday calendar so that you are aware of local events which can make it hard to find a bed. Every state has slightly different school terms: with some states running three and others four terms. Unless if you have kids in school travelling outside the school holidays is always a good idea.

Australia boasts not only summer in the northern hemisphere’s winter but a whole lot of variety in their seasons. Although most northern hemisphere residents see Australia as the land of hot long summers. The reality is more complex. Contrary to image of endless beaches Australia has several good ski areas in the winter. In contrast in the far north there is no summer: just a wet and dry season. Travelling in the north is restricted to sealed roads once the rains come and turn the majority of the country to impassible mud.

Buy yourself a pocket Australia 2009 holiday calendar as soon as you arrive. That way you will be on top of the confusing holidays including Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day which vary right across the year depending on the state. Australia-wide there is consistently in a few national holidays including ANZAC Day and Australia Day but apart from these exceptions Australia is a mess of different holidays – and don’t even get me started on the timezones!

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