Greece -A Fabulous Paradise

A Vacation Hot Spot

Considered as one of the smallest European countries, Greece is one of the top vacation destinations by other nationalities as well as Europeans despite its size. It depicts immense natural beauty and the locals live a carefree life style that allows hospitality and
a welcoming spirit. It is located in the easternmost point of Europe between Turkey and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. European’s recognize Greece and the Greek Islands as their favorite vacation destination. Millions of visitors from all over the world visit Greece each year because of its natural beauty and charm.

A Winter and Summer Escapade

Get spiced up for both winter and summer because Greece’s options to its visitors are countless! The calm Mediterranean weather is perfect for traveling with ease. Not to mention, the weather is also ideal for tanning in the summer, tan lines anyone? Greece is also a hot spot for romantic getaways especially in winter. Relaxing by the fireplace and/or participating in snow sports are few ways to spend winter in Greece. Kalavryta, Arachova, Zagoria and many others are famous winter destinations. Love with Greece is easy because you will find everything in one place. The unique aquamarine waters of Aegean and the Ionian Sea are sure to be appreciated. The Greek Islands boasts of sandy beaches that are one of the best in the world!

Activities to Choose From

Need more convincing? Tourist destinations all over the country offer sports activities and the like.Those aching for excitement and adventure can enjoy kite surfing, windsurfing, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and kayaking. These are just few of the activities offered by many places in Greece. Greek holiday packages like gastronomy, medical, religious, and archaeological holidays and other adventures are beneficial to peace seeker. These holidays will improve your knowledge to
particular aspects of this marvelous country. More importantly, it will give you first hand experience with its deep culture and roots.

A Myriad of Accommodations

Dozens of resorts, hotels, rooms, luxurious villas, and even camping sites will surely amaze you. Accommodation options are extensive, all one needs is to decide which one he or she will choose: A luxury vacation or a cheap one. Whichever, you are sure to enjoy what Greece has to offer.

Historical Aficionados

One of the popular reasons why Greece is considered a Top-A tourist destination, is because of its rich culture and diverse traditions. Major tourist attractions include archaeological marvels from the “Golden Era”. The Ancient Olympia, Vergina, Delphi, and the Acropolis of Athens are the popular remains of this era. On the other hand, countless monasteries and churches all over Greece are remnants of the Byzantine era. Its diverse culture and traditions vary from one place to another. Religious festivals and other celebration take place annually on every place of the country. Here you find cuisines and local products that are as varied as their culture. The most famous of Greek locations is its capital, the city of Athens. It is even regarded by many as “a city that never sleeps” because of its lively nightlife. Hundreds of bars, clubs, taverns, restaurants, and cafes entertain both locals and tourists alike.Boredom is not an issue for dancing, partying, and music (even Greek melodies) fill the city with life.
However, these activities are not only found in Athens but in the islands of Rhodes, Myokonos, Ios, Corfu, and many others as well.So book your vacation package now, or even discover the country by yourself, with your family, or with your special someone and enjoy the enchanting vacation to Greece!

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