Hong Kong Trip Advice

When you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, there are some things that you should remember.  Hong Kong is much different than most places that you may have vacationed to.  It is like a different way of life and in order to ensure that you have a great trip, you may want to consider a few things first.


Visitors to Hong Kong must have a valid passport.  Passports should be good for at least six months after your planned departure date.  There are certain cultures that do not require a passport for holiday.  You may want to check on that information with the Chinese Embassy.

What to pack

The climate in Hong Kong is a subtropical one.  This means that you will not need any winter sweaters or heavy socks.  You may want to think about loose and light fitting clothing.  You may need an occasional sweater for an air-conditioned hotel or restaurant.  You may also run into some rain showers in Hong Kong so plan on bringing a light waterproof jacket.

Where to stay while you are in Hong Kong

Unless you are staying with family while you are visiting Hong Kong, then you are going to need a place to stay.  Hotels are found on Hong Kong Island.  You can stay with the beauty of the city lights and have the pleasure of the beach too.  No matter where you stay in Hong Kong, you will find that all of the attractions will be close to you.  There is public transportation and this will make your sight seeing a lot easier and more comfortable for you.

Traveling by plane

There are international airlines in and out of Hong Kong, twenty-four hours a day.  There are places that you can go to online to help you with your search for an affordable airline with the best choices for you and your holidaying needs.

Be aware of your surroundings

Just like when you are traveling anywhere, you want to be aware of what is going on around you.  You should look out for suspicious people and any potentially dangerous situations.  When you are traveling anywhere especially a foreign country, you should take into consideration the fact that you are a visitor to the area and there are certain people who will use that to take advantage of you.

Taking the necessary precautions and using good judgment will enable you to have the best possible time while visiting Hong Kong.

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