Ultimate Experience in Your Safari

Anyone in the world dreams of going on a safari adventure, but it is not so far away from becoming a reality. Now more than ever travel agents are offering a wide range of Safari Holidays at very affordable rates. So you have decided to go, but what can you expect to see on your journey?

Well lets take a look at a few animals that you may well come across on your journey.

You will probably come across tons of huge animal. But you should want to catch a glimpse of the smaller and rare animals.

In Africa there are around 300 different bird species to come across. Some animals and creatures are dangerous so be on the lookout. Also make sure that you check to see if you need any jabs before you leave.

What You Should Carry?

After deciding to go on Safari, you have to then turn your mind to what you are actually going to pack. You will probably be dropped off in a vehicle so you could pack a few bits and bobs into the boot. But when leaving the vehicle you will have a big trek of a walk so only pack the essentials such as drinks and cameras. Try not to bring alot of clothes. The reason I say this is because carrying a heavy bag in the heat will only make the walk a misery. Sometimes it’s so hot that you will not even want to wear much.

Depending on the safari adventure you have chosen, you may have some nice accommodation to stay in such as a lodge or hotel. If you have decided to take the wildlife package then you may want to set up camp. So the provider’s should really supply you with some tents.

If you are there to experience the full impact I do recommend in camping, there is nothing more enjoyable than finding your way to your camp site and then creating a fire to heat the air up and then finally waking up in the morning and finding your way to a waterfall to freshen up. Holidays to Africa are great for the whole family.

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