Vacation Packing: Easy Tips

Vacation packing can be scary. Packing for your vacation is such a drag :you just want to be whisked away direct to your destination: no packing involved! Unfortunately this happy state of affairs hasn’t happened to me yet so here are my top 5 vacation packing tips.

Vacation Packing Tip#1; If you “might” need it don’t take it.
If you are taking something “just in case” or because you “might need it” – leave the item at home. I have travelled for far too many years, and never recal actually using any of those “just in case” packed items.

Vacation Packing Tip#2 Put all your Must Have Items on the Bed
Take a real hard look. Then select the half that is most important to pack :put the rest back in the cupboard: you may have the right amount of stuff. If you have problems with this approach put all your “essentials” in a bag and go for a 30 minute walk: see the point now?

Vacation Packing Tip#3 Don’t take specialist clothing
Don’t take any item of clothing that won’t do duel use. If you need a sleep shirt take something that you can sleep in and either use as a beach cover up or as a silky evening top. I have had tankini’s with tops that doubled as a an evening top (bra included too nice!).

Vacation Packing Tip#4 Don’t take Denim
Denim is never the answer. Its bulky, its hard to clean, it takes forever to dry and it has a certain reputation which will still get you turned away from clubs if you are wearing denim. Leave it at home

Vacation Packing Tip#5 Don’t take the Medicine Cabinet
Take a bare minimum of drugs with you. You can buy almost anything you need at almost any location: there is no point being kitted out with 6 months supply of cold remedies if you are off for 10 days at the beach: and don’t have a cold Take any prescribed medicines you need but also take their name and their generic equivalent; you may well find what requires a prescription at home you can get over the counter for a fraction of the cost in many countries.

Mary has a passion for traveling well and loves to share her Vacation Packing Tips with anyone who will listen. Mary is a passionate believer in that “less is more” in travel as well as life and hopes that you will find some useful tricks at

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